Vendor Spotlight: Open Eye Cloud CCTV Camera Platform

Vendor Spotlight: Open Eye Cloud CCTV Camera Platform

OpenEye offers an easy-to-use software and platform to manage your security cameras. Their platform gives you actionable intelligence to help you run your business more efficiently. Receive alerts with video verification on events generated by motion, alarm panels, access control systems, video analytics, and sensors installed in key areas so you can take appropriate action in real-time. -The platform is an open ecosystem where we can reuse your existing cameras, or install new ones.

-It gives an excellent remote access interface via app or any web browser.

-In minutes, users can search video and export password protected clips to the cloud then share them via email with other users, insurance companies, local authorities or others.

-OpenEye’s system health monitoring service proactively addresses issues such as hard drive failures or exceeded storage levels. Most companies don’t realize they have a camera outage until an incident occurs, and footage is needed. We will proactively know of issues before they become a problem.

Achieve a greater return on your investment with an online video management platform that increases business intelligence, improves operational efficiency and drives value across your entire organization.