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Reduce Your Telecommunications Spend

We recommend a review every year of your telecommunications spending. We would love the opportunity to sit with you for a 30-minute complimentary consultation to review your current telecommunications solutions and costs.

More than 90% of our customers we have audited have been able to save money or upgrade to better solutions at no extra cost.

What We Offer

Here is what we will be looking at:

  • Justin Hall Consulting

    1. Compare Prices

    We have access to over 120 suppliers and will do the comparison shopping for you. We represent many different Voice/Data Carriers, Cell Carriers, VOIP, and SD-WAN vendors. We are an independent consultant which allows us to work with the best solution for you.

  • Justin Hall Consulting

    2. Determine if you can save money by moving to a Cloud VOIP Solution

    We will look at your current spending for lines, support, and parts to see if moving to a hosted cloud solution will save you money. Most of our customers can see a huge benefit here by adding redundancy, removing old PRIs, voice lines, and shopping for the best data provider.

  • Justin Hall Consulting

    3. Eliminate unneeded lines

    We can review the lines you are currently paying for to make sure you are getting the best value out of them. We have cloud-based fax options that could remove some old analog lines. We can also help set up centralized answering to reduce the number of lines needed.

  • Justin Hall Consulting

    4. Check your Redundancy Plan

    In today's connected world, the cost of an internet outage can be not just frustrating but cost you thousands of dollars in missed orders and productivity. Adding a backup line can be very affordable (some DSL solutions are only $50 a month). We can also add in 5G and Satellite options for extra redundancy. We'll shop this and provide you with options.



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